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Hello friends!

If you would like to take video lessons with me, please, get in touch to describe your background and your expectations.

I'm currently accepting students at any level, from absolute beginner to intermediary. I love to guide people through the dense walls of orchestral programming challenges helping them improve their skills.

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What do we cover in lessons/consultancy?

These are some of the topics I usually approach with students:

- Cubase Orchestral programming in general. Especially if you're migrating from another DAW.

- Writing & Programming for Strings, Woodwinds, Brass, and Percussions.

- Mixing. Combining different sample libraries.

- Anything else you feel I might be able to help you with.

- Drum Programming and music production.

Sometimes, I can't accept new students, but, in that case, I'll let you know when a new vacancy becomes available.

Thank you!

Thanks for submitting!

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