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  • Cubase 12 Session connected with Vienna Ensemble Pro 7, organized, and ready to load.
  • VST Expression Maps for all loaded instruments.
  • Practical and valuable presets. 
  • You'll have both a Cubase Session and .trackpreset files.
  • Load using Cubase 12 feature "Tracks from project." 
  • Load the file .trackpreset from Cubase's MediaBay, if you prefer.
  • Life is short; save time. :) 
  • You must own Cubase 12, Vienna Ensemble Pro 7, and VSL VI Woodwinds I.
  •  Included PDF with the detailed connection between Cubase and Vienna Ensemble Pro - just in case you need it.

  • I've added almost complete articulations for solo instruments. Pre-recorded arpeggios, scale runs, mordents, and clarinets glissandi were not included since they would make the VST Expression Maps too big to manage. 

JMO VSL VI Woodwinds I Cubase Presets

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