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In April 2019, I started working at ROLI as a consultant. We were creating backing tracks for the LUMI keys educational app - super fun, though challenging. After three intense years of production, we've paused making new LUMI experience tracks. We might come back in the future; let's see. 


Lumi keys educational app was one of the most important seeds for my YouTube channel. I finally realized that I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of orchestral programming, even though it's hugely exhausting. After working on so many tracks (100+), it was time to share. Share what, you might ask? Well, knowledge. I don't consider myself a unique human with any orchestral programming superpowers. I consider myself an everyday human being who finally realized that sharing whatever you have - even if not much - is way more significant than becoming a God of any sort, particularly after pandemics. So, here we go: check out my YouTube channel and, of course, if you enjoy, subscribe! :)

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