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AOC is a French company founded by Fabrice Smadja. We've done a considerable amount of projects together, commercials especially. 

Around 2016, we started working on a series of three cover albums - famous film themes. I was supposed to produce all the tracks performing solely with sample libraries, with some eventual recordings here and there. I still don't know why I accepted this madness. Wait a minute, yeah. I needed the money to pay my rent and food. 


This insane trilogy was the primary embryo to start thinking about an orchestral programming YouTube Channel. That helped to develop gastritis, as well. 


Dear reader, do you really think that a normal human being, in the full power of his mental abilities, would even remotely think about devoting his time to mock-up memorable film themes? No!

Play guitar. 

Star a pet business; people love cats. 

Travel the world. 

Become a coach! This one has a future! 



But, life has its way of pushing us toward our destiny. Do I believe that? I didn't. No, I do. I don't play cards with life anymore. 

Deep in our guts, we know what we're supposed to do. You know, too. 


That's why I will be waiting for you on my YouTube channel. 

See you there!